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This helps prepares her for delivery. Generally, some similarities and differences between American births, techniques, and practices used when Lia was born exist. This attendant not only ensures the delivery process is safe and less painful, but also that high hygienic conditions are maintained.

From the nursery, two vaccines namely Vitamin K and silver nitrate are administered in a row. As indicated, while the mother was struggling with delivering the baby, the older children had to sleep on communal bamboo pallet to avoid seeing their new brother or sister. In conclusion, I support the American births techniques because the entire process is hygienic and is done by a professional medic.

The husband could only come in to help bring hot water to the mother. The focus of this paper is to highlight the existing similarities and differences in the three cases.

Furthermore, the mother is given a pain reliever during giving birth. The American birth and the Traditional Hmong birth have very few similarities.

For instance, immediately after a mother gives birth, she is given ice water. Whereas a professional doctor seeks science solution to any problem that occurs when a mother gives birth in the American birth, the Hmong mother seeks ritual solutions.

Similarly, there is no provision for a pain reliever or anesthesia. Reportedly, for all the 12 children that Foua gave birth to while living in Laos, she labored alone in silence.

In America birth, mothers are given ice water immediately after giving birth. For example, when Foua was living in the Northwest Loas, she is reportedly said to have given birth to all her 12 children at home. All these processes occur within a period of three days after which the baby is released from the hospital.

On the contrary, there are only two significant differences. As for the baby, its weight and date of birth are ascertained and recorded. In traditional Hmong births, the mother is forced to single-handedly endure the process of delivering. The first difference is that American births are hospital-based while Hmong births are home-based.

In the traditional Hmong, the father has to dig a hole approximately 2 feet deep in a dirt floor of the house to bury the placenta.

Comparing and contrasting American/Hmong births

In both cases, mothers attend pre-natal clinics. They are also given ice water during delivery and certificates to confirm that they have received a baby. Placenta must be buried with its smoother side turned upward to prevent the baby from vomiting.

In the America births, both the mother and the baby undergo a series of the process before being discharged. It is also a taboo for the older children to see their mother deliver a newborn.

Thirdly, in both systems, the umbilical cord is cut using a sterilized item. Upon completion of this process, the baby is bathed with safeguard soap. The certification is presented in the form of Arabic numerals.

Vitamin K helps prevent hemorrhaging disease while silver nitrate helps prevent any gonococcal bacterial-related infection. Alternatively, the mother had to wash the fingertips of her close relative while apologizing.

While, in the traditional Hmong birth, a mother is not allowed to eat cold food after she gives birth. It was noted that in the American birth, several hospital measures are put in place namely covering the mother with sterile drapes, painting her genitals with a solution of Betadine, training her with perineum under a high wattage lamp, using anesthesia, speeding up the delivery process by rupturing her uterus, and conducting an episiotomy.

On the other hand, the American births allow a specialized attendant to aid the mother during the delivery process.

Likewise, Babies are placed in a central nursery and bathed with safeguard soap.Read this essay on My Birth.

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The birth of the american essay
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