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The article appeared to be an attempt to smear the American Whistleblower Edward Snowdenthus fuelling further doubt as to its independent editorship.

The following month, circulation reachedVarious subscription packages exist, giving access to both the print and digital versions of the paper. It recommended an increase in the number of TDs from to Technology coverage was expanded in with the weekly colour magazine Doors, and in The Month, an editorial section presented as an interactive CD-Rom.

The newspaper published a four-page Insight investigation, entitled The Thalidomide File, in the Weekly Review section. It has a number of digital-only subscribers, which numbered 59, by March Notable stories[ edit ] Some of the more notable or controversial stories published in The Sunday Times include: When the ballot papers are counted, an electoral quota is created by dividing the number of valid votes by the number of seats, plus one.

In fact, as the newspaper subsequently pointed out, cod can start breeding between the ages of four and six, in which case there are many more mature cod in the North Sea. Michael Foot was our agent", The Sunday Times ran an article on 19 February that claimed the Soviet intelligence services regarded Foot, a former leader of the Labour Party, as an "agent of influence", codenamed "Agent Boot"", and that he had been in the pay of the KGB for many years.

In mid, the newspaper ran a series of articles revealing how politicians were abusing the expenses system. The paper successfully challenged subsequent legal action by the British government, winning its case at the European Court of Human Rights in She was already editor of Observer — the first woman to run a national newspaper — and continued to edit both titles until The investigation followed information that some MPs were taking one-off payments to table questions.

Magazine partworks were regular additions, among them Makers of Music, published over six weeks in Since Julythe sites have charged for access. Evans tried to organise a management buyout of The Sunday Times, but Thomson decided instead to sell to Rupert Murdochwho he thought had a better chance of dealing with the trade unions.

The Commission report was released on 27 June The paper ended collaboration with Kevin Myers after it published a controversial column. The protest ended in failure in February Under Andrew Neileditor from untilThe Sunday Times took a strongly Thatcherite slant that contrasted with the traditional paternalistic conservatism expounded by Peregrine Worsthorne at the rival Sunday Telegraph.Take-up of cloud computing services has been rapid, growing by more than 20 per cent a year.

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The Cloud for Business special report, published in The Sunday Times, outlines how organisations can navigate this complex marketplace and choose the right provider. In addition, the report highlights how.

The New York Times Supersized Book of Sunday Crosswords: Puzzles (New York Times Crossword Puzzles) [The New York Times, Will Shortz, Eugene T. Maleska] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. puzzles; the biggest collection of Sunday crosswords (the Times' most popular) EVER.

Everything about the New York Times Supersized Book of Sunday Crosswords is. Our columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin and his Times colleagues help you make sense of major business and policy headlines — and the power-brokers who shape them. Photo Credit Stephen Crowley/The New.

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News and opinion from The Times & The Sunday Times. according to a leaked report. The bombshell document, prepared by the National Police Co- ordination Centre, warns that the “necessity to. More Business Times.

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Sunday times business report
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