Short essay on illiteracy

If a populace is not literate, it cannot be as involved in high tech jobs. It is this illiteracy that seizes this land of our like an Octopus and throttles her to death. It might also bring about changes in interpersonal and inter-group relations.

Non-Governmental Organization should also take part in the literacy mission to help the government in achieving its targets sooner than proposed.

This has resulted in the debacle 5 of the democratic working of the country, with the formation of successive coalition governments at the Centre which have failed to register their full term. If the adult women are educated first, each generation will be able to read and write, since mothers are the first educators of children.

The core of the literacy is reading development, a progression of skills that begins with the ability to understand spoken words and decode written words, and culminates in the deep understanding of the text. Therefore, every person in the society should try to become literate.

But the gender gap in literacy is enormous; the difference between the male and female literacy rate is 22 percentage points — that is, there are more male literates than female. Similarly, underdevelopment causes illiteracy as much the same way illiteracy is the cause of underdevelopment.

Illiteracy Essay

If not, he is called an illiterate person. Government alone cannot cope with such an uphill task of eradicating illiteracy. As a result they can not come out of their poverty trap. Countries with a high illiteracy rate are more likely to be disadvantaged in the global economy.

The ruling Short essay on illiteracy 5 has further divided them on the lines of caste, creed and religion and initiated caste politics in the country.

As is expected, the literacy rate in the urban areas is higher than in the rural. How To recover Illiteracy: Bad Effect Of Illiteracy: Table 1 illustrates this. Rita Rani Essay Introduction: The present day politicians have exploited them for their perverted interests.

It should be eradicated root and branch to make our life happy and prosperous. We are also responsible to play our part to lighten the candle of education. We have also to make our people aware of the importance of education. The percentage of literate persons in India has considerably increased in comparison with the figures of the earlier years.

They are gullible and get carried away by the false promises of the politicians. An illiterate person has to face many practical difficulties in life. It is complex where all dimensions are attached to it.

The women could be trained to utilize their spare time by initiating them into co-operative activities like weaving, making candles, handicrafts, papads, and pickles. It indicates how much still remains to be done to achieve per cent literacy. Evening schools are imparting education to those people who find it difficult to attend formal schools because of their occupations.

Students are the builders of a nation. A continuing worry is the lower rate of literacy among women.Model Essay #1. Model Cause, Effect, and Solution Research Essay Prompt: What are some causes and effects of illiteracy?

Title: Understanding and Solving the Problem of Illiteracy In short, illiteracy does not encourage positive social change, personal growth, or the preservation and development of language and culture.

How can illiteracy. ILLITERACY & ITS EFFECTS essays Education and literacy is an important part of building an economically and socially stable global environment.

Short Essay on Illiteracy in India

Event in the recent past further emphasize the absolute importance of universal basic education of good quality as an essential, if not sufficient, co. Illiteracy refers to the state of being unable to read or write.

It should be eradicated root and branch to make our life happy and prosperous hands together in all possible ways. Essay on Illiteracy in India! While India is still struggling to eradicate illiteracy, it is heart­ening to note that our literacy rate has gone up from 25 per cent in to per cent in Short Essay on Adult Literacy in India and Its Implications.

consumption of alcohol and child labour are a result of the illiteracy among the massed. Kerala has concentrated towards mass education and has, thus, controlled many social evils.

Short essay on Imparting Sex Education in Schools. Eradicating Illiteracy in Our School. Literacy is the best indication of a country's educational status and education is the best.

path to a country's prosperity. If this is the case then why does the most affluent and. Essays Related to Illiteracy. 1. Illiteracy/5(7).

Short essay on illiteracy
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