Quote an author in an essay

Write two or three authors names, e. All three require an in-text parenthetical citation! Quotation within a quotation Use single quotation marks for the embedded quotation: Think of each quote like a sandwich—the quote is the meat on the inside, but before you taste the meat, you must also be introduced to the sandwich by the bread.

How to Cite a Quote From Another Author in MLA

You can give credit to your sources within your text in two different ways: According to HertzbergDahl gives the U.

Since Clapton is speaking, however, use "qtd.

How to Cite and Format a Quote to Use in an Essay

Keep in mind that when you are writing a paper about the same text and quoting from the same edition that everyone else in the class is, instructors will often allow you to use informal documentation. In other cases you will want to paraphrase, i. Use ellipsis marks if you wish to leave something out of the middle of a quotation perhaps it is not needed or will make your quotation too long.

In this case just include the page number in parentheses after the quotation or reference to the text. The ideas used from the source must be written in your own words but they are referenced in the same way. The original passage from The Confident Student 6th ed.

With block quotations, check the guidelines for the documentation system you are using. Like many people who enjoy a leisurely pace of living with such attendant activities as reading, painting, or gardening, I often long for a simpler time, a time when families amused themselves by telling stories after supper, as opposed to watching Baghdad get bombed.

Therefore, no quotation marks are used at the beginning or the end. Adding Clarification, Comment, or Correction Within quotations, use square brackets [ ] not parentheses to add your own clarification, comment, or correction. A period also appears, indicating that one sentence ended before the word "As.

However, as a writer you should be aware that this more manageable chunks and easily become vague and weigh your paper down with fluff.

Suggested ways to introduce quotations

As with any extended indented quotation, do not use quotation marks unless you need to indicate a quotation within your quotation. How many students actually read the guide to find out what is meant by "academic misconduct"?

Or you may summarize. However, you indicate that the mistake is not yours by using [sic], which means "thus" and tells the reader that the error appears in the original.

Summaries are most often used to condense larger texts into more manageable chucks. He discusses our rising national debt in "Healthcare: Take a look at these examples: Virtual reality will make it possible for them to program themselves into scenarios we now merely fantasize about. Summarize or paraphrase when it is not so much the language of the text that justifies your position, but the substance or content.

Writing Quotes

He advises her to "mend [her] speech a little. The Harvard referencing system is very commonly used. After you bite down on that meat, you need the other piece of bread to round out the meal.

Morrison and Jones You will often need to use a past tense to refer to events that took place before the moment you are presently discussing: How do I punctuate shorter quotations? Notice also that the first line is indented an additional five spaces. To evaluate the performance of our customer service, Morrison Write Morrison et al Quote selectively Similarly, after you have decided that you do want to use material in quoted form, quote only the portions of the text specifically relevant to your point.

It is important to correctly reference any ideas that are drawn from others to avoid plagiarism, whether they are direct quotes or reworded concepts. It should no longer be indented. Write the quote within quotation marks. Rossin her study of poor and working-class mothers in London from [signal], makes it clear that economic status to a large extent determined the meaning of motherhood [assertion].“What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it.

As you choose quotations for a literary analysis, remember the purpose of quoting. Your paper develops an argument about what the author of the text is doing--how the text "works." You use quotations to support this argument; that is, you select, present, and discuss material from the text.

Favorite Authors Looking for quotes by our most popular authors? Gather wisdom from the ages as you browse favorite quotes by famous authors like: Aristotle, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Oscar Wilde, and William Shakespeare.

A signal that a quotation is coming--generally the author's name and/or a reference to the work An assertion that indicates the relationship of the quotation to your text Often both the signal and the assertion appear in a single introductory statement, as in the example below.

Mar 28,  · How to Quote a Quote Four Methods: Quoting the Secondary Source and the Indirect Quote Quoting the Indirect Quote Only Paraphrasing the Quote Tracking Down the Original Passage Community Q&A Quoting something in an essay is easy, but quoting a quote (also known as a nested quotation) can be a bit trickier%(17).

Favorite Authors

Referencing in an essay shows readers where the words of another author have been used. Citing quotes in essays reinforces writers' arguments, adds weight.

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Quote an author in an essay
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