How to write a definite chief aim

If they remain in contact with crime for a time, they become accustomed to it, and endure it. It sets you apart. What is a definite chief aim? There was something about the boldness of this DCA that really struck me.

Bruce Lee, a popular martial arts expert and actor during the s and early 70s, was determined to become the highest-paid Asian actor in the United States.

Every day, if you are doing something that moves you towards your goal, your definite chief aim has become part of your identity. This will help your child to be a leader over his life. How much time do you want to pass before you have it?

However, instead of buying two brand new displays, I decided to search the classifieds and check out pawn shops. Choose words that clearly express your definite chief aim. However, in using my imagination, I have had some trouble breathing life into thoughts of getting a big cheque or seeing a big balance on my computer monitor.

Training ourselves and our children to be teachable will take us much further in life. I do want to go on record to say that this was not a long-term solution for my financial woes.

Again, I hold the belief that somehow this will work out in my favor and so far it has. Creating a definite chief aim alone is not enough.

How To Explain “Definite Chief Aim” To Children

Being a book written to educate the reader on how to acquire their own fortune, the thrust of the statement was to be financial. In humility, you will both become accountable to each other through life as you reach for that definite chief aim!

There are always multiple answers to any problem. In return I will give the most exciting performance and render the best of quality in the capacity of an actor.

A lot of people set goals but few see their goals materialize. Combine elements of these statements listed above into one or two sentences. What legacy do you want to leave that will inspire others? I think I am also motivated by being recognized as an expert and being sought-after for my thoughts and ideas.

Furthermore, he found the most successful men and women not only had purpose statements that were clearly defined, but specific plans for the attainment for their purposes.

Who will benefit from your services or products? Teaching online skill basics available. Help your child become the leader over his own life. When you complete your definite chief aim, put it somewhere where you can repeat it to yourself every morning when you wake up and before you go to bed at night.

This is because they live their lives passively taking anything that comes their way. I realized that I was trying to manifest money goals. Repeating the statement became a twice daily ritual and was performed with the enthusiasm of a Hollywood audition.

How can your greatest strengths and gifts breathe good into the world?

Developing a Definite Chief Aim

Your Definite Chief Aim is a blueprint that will lead you, step by step, toward its attainment.1) Write a Clear Description of your Definite Chief Aim. Years ago, before Arnold Schwarzenegger had made his mark on Hollywood, he stated his Definite Chief Aim: "I am going to be the number-one box-office star in all of Hollywood.".

Definite Chief Aim is another way of saying “our purpose”. Stephen Covey said “Think with the end in mind”, when you write down your purpose for living. Teaching our children to create a purpose statement will help them to go more directly to.

Now this may seem to run contrary to the idea of having a ‘definite’ chief aim, but hear me out. I started small; my purpose in life was to find my purpose in life.

How to Make a Major Definite Purpose to Achieve Your Goals

I made this my DCA and it worked fantastically well. INSTRUCTIONS for Creating Your Definite Chief Aim Follow the format below as written by Bruce Lee and write your own Definite Chief Aim and revise it as you are inspired to do.

You can revise it from time to time as you wish, but try not to be indecisive. Formulating a Definite Chief Aim. It’s important to know exactly what you want.

Want Success? Get a Definite Chief Aim

The next step is to develop a white hot heat of desire for it. Become obsessive. Think about it night and day. Once you’ve decided upon your Definite Chief Aim, all of your decisions and actions align with this major purpose.

Your Definite Chief Aim: How to set goals using new scientific principles I found this note on a wall in the Planet Hollywood restaurant located in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

The Magic of a Definite Chief Aim

The hand-written note read: My Definite Chief Aim “I, Bruce Lee, will be the highest paid Oriental superstar in the United States.

How to write a definite chief aim
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