Essays on students and politics

Many debate about the participation of students in politics but the truth is, there is nothing wrong in students understanding the laws that govern the prosperity of their country.

Political science should put before the children facts about the principles and history of government as per their capacity to understand. They argue that politics is a dirty game. They should, however, not be allowed to participate.

As a student is a learner, his first and foremost duty is to read and know. They argue that education does not mean were literacy. All activities are good if one remains within reasonable limits.

In considering the life of the student, therefore, we lay emphasis on the first aspect, totally ignoring the second. All this disrupts his studies and he is pushed off the rails.

It is important that he must develop his own opinion based on the facts available. They should remember that the coming generation would never pardon them.

In spite of their best efforts, no satisfactory or convincing solution has so far been found out. Besides youth is the age of enthusiasm. Now, it is difficult to pronounce any verdict in favour of one or the other point of view. Politics is generally equated with agitation-constitutional or unconstitutional.

Short Essay on Students and Politics

Any organ of the body which is undeveloped makes the body cripple and infirm. It is the time to learn, the time to soak in experiences, the time to gather information.

Essay on Students and Politics

Such people are also mistaken. Students will learn how to put their point across, they will learn to accept criticism, and more important, they will understand that there might be different ways of doing the same thing.

Students have nothing to do with the politics of the country and they have to devote their full attention to their physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual growth. Students are the backbone of the society and if they are not brought up properly, the future of the society will be darkened.

These inspirations and sentiments can only be given a practical shape if they are allowed to enter politics. He develops all the qualities of head and heart.

It means a total and all round development of personality. But on the other hand, we teach them to desist from active politics. He grows into a responsible and cultured citizen who is an asset to the nation.

It should not be suggested that the students should be completely away from politics. The life of a student is the life of devotion to his studies and preparation for facing all the problems that await him in his future life.

Why should the students not rise to the occasion to stem the rot?

Short Essay on Students and Politics Article shared by Politics is a science which deals with the promotion of the general welfare of the state and its people. It also develops in him the qualities of leadership. Like any other science it has its rules and laws which when put to work produce specific effects.

Two contrasting opinions have been expressed by the two groups of people. The students should be allowed to take an active part in the politics and in all those matters which are concerned with their present and future.

Students should, therefore, pay primary attention to their studies. At times, it brings him into serious clash with the college authorities or the police.

This takes on bigger proportions when all kinds of media are used to propagate it. May be, he lands himself in jail. Essay on Students and Politics Z.Aug 02,  · students and politics Points: Introduction – Life of the student – Reason for his participation – Whether participation desirable and if so, how far – Precaution to be taken.

The life of a student is the life of devotion to his studies and preparation for facing all the problems that await him in.

As a result, students in public universities become involved in atrocious party politics and indulge in illegal activities like killing, tender and admission businesses and so on in the name of student politics.

Essay on “Participation of Students in Politics” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. Disadvantages of Politics to Students One of the advantages of politics is changing how a country is structured or how it works through political action and awareness.

Politics can be carried out by people from all walks of life, young and old, graduates and undergraduates.

Disadvantages Of Politics To Students (Essay Sample) September 1. Short Essay on Students and Politics. Article shared by. Politics is a science which deals with the promotion of the general welfare of the state and its people.

Related Essays: Should Students Take Part In Politics? Words Short Essay on Students and Politics. Essay on Students and Politics The question that remains unsettled is the shape and kind of politics. The students must be allowed to understand their prob­lems and they should have a full say in making those prob­lems solved in the right way.

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Essays on students and politics
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