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By increasing muscle strength and endurance a improving flexibility and posture, Daily physical activity essay exercise helps prevent back pain. The government involvement in the promotion of physical activity to reduce the risk is through the increase in the number of care homes for the elderly individuals so that their management can be performed by professionals who have vast knowledge and skills on physical activity and the benefits it has in the reduction of the risk of acquiring dementia.

Researchers also have found that exercise reduces depression and anxiety and help you to manage stress better. He grows old early. Instead get your sports shoes ready, set up an early morning ala and start exercising from tomorrow.

The aim of this assignment on literature review is to explore the benefits of exercise and physical activity in the reduction of dementia among the elderly persons Daily physical activity essay Australia. Dementia Risk and Prevention There are risk factors for dementia that cannot be altered which include genetics and age.

Need a paper on the same topic? Physical exercise done in morning keeps us healthy, fit and active for the whole day. The involvement of the Australian government in the promotion of physical activity among the elderly suffering from dementia has resulted in improvement of the health sector.

Physical activity enhances vascular changes in the brain through the maintenance of cerebral blood flow and assist in the growth of new neurons or even relieving stress on the existing neurons leading to improved cognitive functions. The findings of this study were grouped thematically.

On cognitive reserve, there is the reduction of cognitive deficits which is achieved through the activation of brain plasticity, neurogenesis, and synaptogenesis enhancement. Just like eating foodgoing to work daily are some of the important aspects of daily life exercise is also important in daily lives and one should make it a habit to at least exercise 4 out of 7 days in a week.

With exercise the brain cells will be released frequently which help in production of the cells in hippocampus. Physical Activity Reduces Social problems that lead to Dementia.

Physical exercise is a form of discipline. Human body is very much like a machine.

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For instance, walking outdoor as a form of exercise in a certain community helps in the re-establishment of a link or connection with the surrounding environment and nature. We hope now you know the importance of exercise.

Exercise restores functions and capabilities through the facilitation of attainment of memory and learning Deckers et al.

The important words that were used to search for the online articles and also journals are dementia, decreased cognitive functions in patients with dementia in Australia, memory loss in Australia, the relationship between ageing and dementia, the relationship between the lack of physical activities and dementia, elderly people and dementia, dementia in old age nursing facilities and the factors that contribute to Dementia in Australia Smith et al.

It improves mental strength and capability.

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Regular weight-bearing exercise promotes bone formation and may prevent many forms of bone lo associated with aging. Therefore we should take it regularly.

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If you are exercising daily and are taking a healthy diet your body is having very less risk of developing heart diseases. The danger of feeling the loneliness that could lead to harming themselves is reduced since the harm could be to the brain. Out human body is designed to move. Grey Literature together with the Google Scholar was used to come up with different articles, journal, periodicals, books and other peer reviewed written materials on the benefits of exercise among the elderly population in Australia in the reduction of risk of dementia.

Through the combined aerobic and strength training programs, the elderly people can preserve their physical characteristics. Negatives of Facebook Exercise will help you in maintaining your weight. Your muscles will develop and the metabolic rate of your body will be increased which will help you in burning more calories than normal even if you are not exercising.

Experiments show that exercises reduce the rate of cognitive functions hence should be employed to monitor and manage cognitive duties of the older generation to decrease the risk of dementia in Australia. Different people have different choices and preferences.

This connection is necessary since the population that suffers from dementia in Australia is that of the elderly individuals who usually stay at home or the nursing care centers.

These includes walks, hikes, running and other events that help to keep fit. The review that was made has proven all these benefits of physical activity and exercises in risk reduction of dementia in Australia.Engaging in acts of physical activity from a young age is very important for both the mental and physical health of a child; the habits learnt in youth tend to continue onto adulthood thus having an effect on the prevalence.

Free sample essay on the importance of Physical Exercise. It is well known that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. If a man is not physically fit and healthy, his mind cannot be sharp and active.

Human body is very much like a machine. It needs to be maintained and looked after properly. The Benefits of Physical Activity Essay Words | 4 Pages Physical activity is one of the crucial elements in the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes and its related morbidities (Morrato, Hill, Wyatt, Ghushchyan & Sullivan, ).

Physical activity is any movement that results in expenditure of energy, it can be branched out in to many different categories that include exercise, fitness, active living, active recreation and sport. Words Essay on Benefits of Exercise Or Keeping Fit with Exercise. Regular exercise helps protect the body from heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, back pain, and can also improve your mood and help you to better manage stress.

According to experts, 20 to 30 minutes of aerobic activity three or [ ]. The Benefits of Regular, Daily, Physical Activity Written By: Julie A. Maple University of Phoenix 2 Normal, everyday activity can reduce a variety of health risk factors.

There are multiple benefits that come with daily, physical activity.

Daily physical activity essay
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