An analysis of ken burns documentary on thomas jefferson

Historian John Hope Franklin, who injects a welcome African-American viewpoint into the film, says Jefferson "unfortunately and tragically" does embody much of the thinking that went into the founding of America.

First, he lines up prominent historians and writers to serve as on-screen guides to talk about Jefferson and help put his life and times in perspective.

Upon receiving an 8 mm film movie camera for his 17th birthday, he shot a documentary about an Ann Arbor factory. Burns also continues his use of title cards to break the narrative into bite-size chunks, each with an underlying theme. This documentary presents a fair and comprehensive view of Jefferson that takes into account his complex nature and his often contradictory views.

He was also responsible for what historian Garry Wills calls "the most important thing about our government" -- the concept of the separation of church and state. In endorsing Barack Obama for the U. Burns has gone on to a long, successful career directing and producing well-received television documentaries and documentary miniseries on subjects as diverse as arts and letters Thomas Hart Benton; mass media Empire of the Air: The way he weaves commentary in with pictures, still shots, and music to tell a story is very effective here.

For one, there were no cameras back then; no president before John Quincy Adams was ever photographed. His lifelong obsession with Monticello An analysis of ken burns documentary on thomas jefferson discussed at length, from it being a boyhood dream to the reality of its design and construction, which he changed many times.

She is the founder of the non-profit Room to Grow which aids soon-to-be parents living in poverty. Burns is a descendant of Johannes de Peyster Sr.

His complex and sometimes tense relationships with patriots like John Adams and Alexander Hamilton are discussed. At the same time, it humanizes Jefferson, particularly as we watch him cope with the many personal tragedies he endured including the early death of his wife and five of his six children.

Treasury to double the size of the country. But it also suggests his actions set America on a course that would lead inevitably to the Civil War and much of the civil strife that afflicts us to this day.

Thomas Jefferson

I highly recommend this to anyone interested in the life of Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson first promulgated the idea by drafting a statute guaranteeing religious freedom and championing it in the Virginia legislature. He later expanded upon it by founding the University of Virginia and taking pains to ensure that it was not affiliated with any church.

Hottwho did not actually matriculate at Hampshire, but worked on films there, had begun his career as an attorney, having attended nearby Western New England Law School. He was strongly opposed to slavery, and he even wrote an anti-slavery statement in one of the early versions of the Declaration of Independence as you will see in the John Adams DVD.

He fought one of the dirtiest presidential campaigns in American history and made partisan politics a fact of American life -- against the wishes of men like George Washington, who despised the two-party system. Many events of his personal life are also highlighted here. Studying under photographers Jerome LieblingElaine Mayes and others, Burns earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in film studies and design [9] in Thomas Jefferson, television star Documentary: Of course, delving back to the 18th century for your subject matter results in a few problems.

Anyone who has seen the John Adams DVD and wants to learn more about another great American should also watch this documentary. His relationship with his slave Sally Hemings and the possibility that she had some of his children is also discussed.

But Burns makes do by using paintings and some new footage not re-enactments, but simply atmospheric shots, with an occasional shadowy figure wearing a three-corner hat in the background. This documentary is a good overview of his political career. Still, he tried, and if his reach exceeded his grasp, history seems willing to forgive him for it.

The technical aspects of the film are top notch. I enjoyed hearing about his early days as a student at the College of William and Mary. Even if he never intended "all men" to mean "all men," it does today -- at least in theory. The Ken Burns Collection includes 28 quilts and will be on view through May 13, It covers his struggle to bring about a more republican form of government, his struggle to become elected President, and two terms as President that were marked with some incredible highs the Louisiana Purchase and some incredible lows the Embargo Act.

Jefferson was one of the largest slaveholders in Virginia, and though he argued against the institution, he believed blacks were inherently inferior.

And he recruits big-name voices to read the words of Jefferson and his contemporaries. Another Hampshire College student, Buddy Squireswas invited to succeed Mayes as a founding member one year later, [10] [11] and the trio were later joined by a fourth member, Lawrence "Larry" Hott.

Some would label Jefferson an opportunist at best or a base hypocrite. Jefferson was "the greatest enigma among major figures in American history," says historian Joseph Ellis.

You will get to hear from a variety of well-known historians including Joseph Ellis, Daniel Boorstin, Garry Wills, and John Hope Franklin discuss his life, his views, and the many accomplishments that helped shape the state of Virginia as well as our nation.Explore the award-winning collection of films by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Ken Burns.

Ken Burns - American Lives (Thomas Jefferson / Lewis & Clark / Frank Lloyd Wright / Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B Anthony / Mark Twain / Horatio's Drive / Unforgivable Blackness) Can't go wrong with a Ken Burns documentary.

Published 1 year ago. Search customer reviews. Search/5(). Don't miss Ken Burns' definitive film on the most remarkable yet controversial man in American History.

Archives Explore Jefferson’s most important and controversial writings, and transcripts of.

Ken Burns' America Thomas Jefferson Part I

Thomas Jefferson Jefferson also made himself into a true renaissance man – a scholar, a philosopher, a diplomat, an aesthete, and an architect. As a young man, he was transformed by the fire of the Enlightenment into America’s most.

The complex life of Thomas Jefferson is recounted by master filmmaker Ken Burns in this probing documentary. Burns examines Jefferson's diplomatic work in France, his two presidential terms, his retirement at Monticello and more. Thomas Jefferson - A Film By Ken Burns DVD,Returning from France, Jefferson strives to preserve the fragile new U.S.

government and helps create the first political party, in bitter struggles with the Federalists. He becomes vice president inand the third U.S.

president in His Louisiana Purchase doubles the nation's size, but he faces .

An analysis of ken burns documentary on thomas jefferson
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